• 50'
  • Author : Chrisis Angelopoulos
  • 28-11-2018
  • Master : 2793


On March 20 2015, in the commune of Sorinières, near Nantes, Yann Marchand, 38, has a big announcement for his mistress. After nine months of a secret relationship, the handsome fellow has finally left his wife and the mother of his two children, Céline Sablé-Marchand. According to Yann, the wife, devastated by this suddenly separation, packed her bags and left the marital home. The mistress is over the moon! The husband, head of a business that made a fortune in the paramedical sector can therefore move his mistress into his home and present her to the children as their “new mummy”. Only, the story told by Yann Marchand intrigues those close to Céline: how could the mother abandon both her home, a beautiful manor house with a vast estate inherited from her parents, and, especially, her children, whom she adores? The days pass and there’s no sign of Céline. And she doesn’t answer her phone either… Céline’s friends can’t sleep now and decide to report her disappearance to the gendarmes. The investigation is opened and the gendarmes meet with one surprise after another. It turns out that Yann Marchand is a master of manipulation, worthy of a Jean Claude Romand or a Xavier Dupond de Ligonnès: his whole life is one tissue of lies! In fact, the booming company that he claims to have created doesn’t exist! Ever since they first met, Yann Marchand has been living off the back of his wife, heiress several times over, which enables him to lead the high life without working while cultivating his image of a brilliant entrepreneur. So, of course, investigators wonder whether the usurper doesn’t have something a lot more serious on his conscience…