• 52'
  • Author : Aurélien Clement
  • 22-03-2017


On April 29 2012, on the French Autoroute du Sud, Philippe Perrier, a wealthy winegrower, is speeding towards Marseille in his luxury limousine. At four in the morning, the car pulls into a service station. The man fills his tank. He pays them no attention, but surveillance cameras are filming him. At first sight, there’s nothing unusual. Nothing, apart from the fact that, a few weeks later, these cameras will make it possible to shed light on a crime in which this man may be involved…Next morning, at 8 o’clock, Marseille police discover the body of a man in the scrubland at Carry-le-Rouet. The body is half-burned and rolled in a plastic sheet. He had been killed by a direct shot to the head. For the police this is yet another settling of scores between the city’s gangsters. Except that investigators soon realize they are on the wrong track. Because the victim is certainly not a crook from Marseille. His name is Lionel Véronèse. He is 39 and lives 300 km away. Former owner of hip bars in the Chambéry region, now operating in celebrity protection, Lionel Véronèse is a prominent and appreciated figure in the nightclub world. Single and an accomplished sportsman, he piles up conquest after conquest. Recently, he was in a relationship with a married woman, Nathalie Perrier, wife of Philippe Perrier, the wealthy winegrower. Could the heir to the Perrier dynasty have discovered his wife’s infidelity and decided to do away with his rival? According to the wealthy society lady, Lionel Véronèse had been blackmailing her for weeks by threatening to reveal all to her husband.It is thanks to the service station video that the police will finally manage to uncover the crime scenario. The jealous husband, the cheating wife and a henchman, Mickaël Boeuf, will lure the lover, Lionel Véronèse, into a trap and get rid of him by making it look like a settling of scores.From then on, what really happened? Who held the gun and put the bullet into Lionel Véronèse’s head? Philippe, the rich husband? Nathalie, the unfaithful wife? Or was it Mickaël, the henchman? They all accuse each other. So who is lying?