The scandal of wasted food
  • 50'
  • Author : Marie-Pierre Raimbault
  • 03-06-2012
  • Master : 2094

The scandal of wasted food | Doc du dimanche | France 5

Garbage cans overflowing with edible produce, supermarkets dumping fresh food with sell-by dates meaning they can be still be eaten for another four days, tonnes of fish, fruit or vegetables that end up in the crushers. On average, French people dump 21% of the food they buy, which amounts to nearly 6 million tonnes of food waste, or 20 kilos per person per year. A scandal at a time when eight million people live below the poverty line. Who is responsible for such an aberration? How have we gone from a culture of respect for food to one of hyper-consumption? Today, waste appears inevitable, almost normal. In this documentary, Marie-Pierre Raimbault investigates this large-scale waste and sticks her camera into the garbage cans. If the results are disturbing, answers are now appearing: collectives are now working to ensure that the anti-waste struggle begins with business and in every home.