• 14'
  • Author : David Corre
  • 24-06-2018
  • Master : 2759


It’s November 2017 and 46-year-old Christophe Orzaz has to take his 18-year-old daughter to the railway station in Pamiers (Ariege). They never get there. After leaving Christophe’s home in Mirepoix, they simply vanish. Christophe’s white Kango is discovered, burned out, and suspicions start to fall upon him following several worrisome statements. Could Christophe have a hidden side? Could he have harmed his daughter? 7 months later, a completely different scenario emerges. On June 11 last year, the police arrest 4 suspects. Very quickly, one of them cracks and confesses, informing investigators that the two bodies were hidden. Christophe’s in the sceptic tank of a house in a deserted hamlet; his daughter’s a few miles from there in the Picausse forest! So, what really happened? According to the first indications from the investigation, it was really a horrific ambush organized by Christophe’s ex-partner, Marie-José Montesinos, a 50-year-old freelance nurse, who was also arrested by the police last week. The fact seems to be that the latter wanted revenge on her ex-lover and managed to persuade another of her suitors to commit the double murder. So, what really happened on the day of the tragedy? Who is Marie-José Montesinos really? The woman who schemed the whole thing from start to finish? What drove her to order this double murder? An investigation into what appears to be a real crime of passion…