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  • Author : Sylvain Louineau
  • 28-03-2018
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THE MAGALI DELAVAUD CASE : OFF THE ROAD | Enquêtes criminelles | W9

On November 14 2014, at Saint-Cierge-Sous-Le-Cheylard, in the Ardeche mountains, the burned body of Magali Delavaud, young, pretty, 27, is found is found in her car. Everything points to the probability that her car drove off the winding road to crash into a tree down below and then burst into flames. The victim, a medical secretary, leaves behind her a devastated family: a little boy barely two-years-old and the man she had shared her life with since 2009, Jerome Faye, 33. When his partner did not come home from work on the previous evening, this driver-mechanic reported her disappearance. He is now left alone to raise their child… Was Magali Delavaud the victim of a tragic road accident? The investigation soon reveals that she was actually the victim of a crime masked as an accident: her burned body was discovered on the passenger seat; her car was doused in gas. And the investigator discovers that the young woman was dead before the accident! So, who could hate this sweet young mother to the point of killing her, tossing her into a ravine and burning her body ?