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  • Author : Laurent Boullard
  • 20-06-2018
  • Master : 2755

THE CASE OF YVES LOUYS: FATAL REUNION | Enquêtes criminelles | W9

On Sunday, November 16 2014, Nicolas Louys lands on an urgent visit to Bastia in Haute Corsica. It’s not far from where his father Yves and his partner Clorinde live in a hamlet in Cambia. Clorinde has just informed him that Yves has not been seen since Thursday afternoon. The lovely sixty-year-old spins him a tale that is, to say the least, convoluted. She suspects Yves has left her for another: a pretty blonde, who came to Corsica for the chestnut picking season. For Nicolas, it’s a heavy blow. At the age of 61, his father, former purchasing director at Pernaud-Ricard, came to settle on the Isle of Beauty for his retirement… Romantic by nature, he appeared to be perfectly happy and even wanted to marry Clorinde Vanni, a teenage sweetheart that he met again almost 50 years later. Nicolas immediately alerts the gendarmes.

And they have questions, too, because not only has Yves vanished, but his cell phone stopped sending any signal a long time ago and there has been no movement on his bank account. Not only does Clorinde’s story not stand up, but on December 16 the gendarmes discover the body of Yves Louys under branches in the brush not far from his home.

Who killed Yves Louys and why? Step by step, the gendarmes try to unravel a complex mystery…