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  • Author : Lisa Beauval
  • 09-09-2018
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Since 1980, obesity has exploded worldwide: today 1 person in 3 is either obese or overweight! Children are those most affected with a rise of 47.1%. In France 4% of teenagers are obese. We set up our cameras in the Centre des Oiseaux at Sanary-sur-mer, in the heart of the Var, for a whole year. The residents here are between 10 and 17 and all suffer from obesity. They come from all over France to lose weight. A decisive factor for their physical health… and their mental well-being. In this specialized establishment, the teens learn, or re-learn, to eat a balanced diet and regain a taste for sport. A stay aimed at making them finally feel good about themselves. But as well as fighting the battle against the kilos, they must also continue their studies far away from their parents. Over a year we followed some of these young people. They all hope this year will change their lives.

Farah is 1m65 and weighs 102 kilos. She has a BMI of 38, which makes her dangerously obese. She’s 12 and going into 6th grade. She has a “sharp mouth” and is known for her good humor. She wants to lose between 30 and 50 kilos.

Alexis is 1m60 and weighs 75 kilos. This young 13-year-old is going into 7th grade. He’s from Grenoble, an only child whose parents are divorced. He’s determined, but has no fixed goal. He just wants to be nicely proportioned…

Lou, 13 is 1m60 and weights 75 kilos. Following the death of her father this young girl gained 21 kilos in 7 months. Academically gifted, Lou is in 7th grade. She wants to lose 25 kilos and, above all, finally accept her body.

Benjamin, 16 is in 8th grade. He is 1m78 and weighs 118 kilos. A former athlete, he even studied basketball before becoming addicted to video games and gaining an enormous amount of weight. He would like to lose 38 kilos.

Jordan, 11 is in 6th grade. This little boy is 1m47 and weighs 94 kilos. He is morbidly obese. His health is in danger. He needs to lose half his weight. Extremely shy and withdrawn, he has already spent two periods in specialized centers, in vain.