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  • Author : Alicia Castanheira
  • 01-04-2018
  • Master : 2741


Paranoiacs? No. They consider themselves to be “foreseers”. The “survivalists”: people whose life style consists in preparing themselves to survive every sort of natural disaster, or even the collapse of our society. Two watchwords: safety and independence… whether in a bunker or in the woods they train regularly under real conditions.

With his garden, his bees and even a water-filtering machine, Guillaume intends to gradually free himself from the constraints of society. If necessity demands he can survive for two weeks in his car thanks to his survival rations and a few secret tricks. He always has an escape plan within reach in case of dire emergency.

And Guillaume is far from being an isolated case. There are, apparently, several tens of thousands of people like him preparing for the worse. To the point where this year France will host the first “Survivalist’s Fair”. Guillaume is hoping to find fresh equipment to become even more independent. 12,000 devotees are expected; exhibitors are rubbing their hands.

One of them is Hervé. Just two months ago, he started his own business selling survival objects. He will be exhibiting more than forty products, from bulletproof vests to pit toilets by way of freeze-dried food. And he’s hoping to make a fortune!