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  • Author : Raphaëlle Brenuchon
  • 10-09-2017
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Buying a new car is a hefty expense, and not necessarily a smart investment today: the moment it’s paid for, it lose 25% of its value! Why not choose renting? Today, 32% of French people prefer to rent their vehicle long-term rather than to become an owner. The best-known deal, offered by dealerships: “leasing” with an option to buy. A solution at first sight very attractive compared to a classic purchase on credit: low deposit, reduced monthly payments (from €90 per month) and the guarantee of always having a late model. But, actually, are you really a winner? Limited mileage, over-billing for any damage when the vehicle is returned… watch out for the traps. As to credit terms offered, are they as attractive as they appear? Recently, car renters have been fighting back and are offering new rental deals, without option to buy, with even lower monthly payments and additional features (service and assistance). So, what is the best answer for our pocket books and relative to our usage? There’s one final, very cheap deal: daily car sharing, currently being tested by the BlaBlaCar company for home-to-work journeys. Cheap for the passengers and lucrative for the drivers: what if this is the win-win deal?