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  • Author : Sébastien Girodon
  • 26-03-2017
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Once upon a time: their biggest cases – EPISODE 1 | TF1 | Reportages

It’s another way of reporting major crime cases. In this new series offered by TF1 Grands Reportages”, some “great cops”, legends of the detective squad, tell of the case that changed their lives, the investigation that was a turning point in their careers or one that still haunts their memory today.In this first program, Inspectors Martine Monteil, Charles Pellegrini and Pierre Richard speak.Charles Pellegrini and Pierre Richard, with their fake airs of 70/80s cop hit men, tell us of the hunt for the most notorious and fearsome gang of hold-up men of the late 20th century: the Lyon Gang. Their interwoven accounts, scattered with juicy tales and astonishing revelations, shed fresh light on this investigation, which culminates in the biggest deployment of police and gendarmes of the 1970s and the gang’s arrest: Operation Jackal.Martine Monteil, the first woman to have headed¾amongst others¾the “gang busters” (Brigade de la Répression du Banditisme) and the “crim'” (Brigade Criminelle) from the famous “36 Quai des Orfèvres”, tells with elegance and verve how she crossed paths with the first serial killer of her career. In November 1977, at intervals of several days, a man rapes and murders several young women in the parking lots of Paris’ 10th arrondissement. Young trainee inspector Martine Monteil, then 27, was to act as decoy in the parking lots of Paris in an attempt to lure the killer and to succeed in obtaining the suspect’s confession after his arrest.To illustrate and enrich the stories told by these exceptional police officers, we have procured the case files and many original pieces of evidence, such as surveillance photos or transcripts of interviews.”