• 13'
  • Author : Grégory Cohen
  • 03-03-2019
  • Master : 2837

NO BARKING! | M6 | 66 minutes

In Feuquière, in the Oise, man’s best friend is being told to keep quiet! The mayor of this commune of 1,500 souls has decided to fine the owners of dogs that make too much noise! In the commune’s sights is a couple with no previous record. This is the tiny, tranquil village in the Hauts de France where Murielle and her boisterous tribe live. However, just a few houses away, a neighbour claims that her life is a nightmare! The reason:  her neighbours’ far too noisy dogs. According to her, they bark all day long, to the point of driving her mad! Enough’s enough, so she launched a petition to silence the doctor’s pooches. Mayor, Jean-Pierre Estenne is taking the matter very seriously, even putting it on the agenda of the municipal council meeting. At the beginning of February, a local bylaw was passed intended to hush the village animals. Since then, Jean-Pierre Estenne has received daily letters of abuse from all over France. They won’t let barking dogs lie.