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  • Author : Mathieu Orcel
  • 31-08-2018
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NICARAGUA: IN THE NAME OF THE LAW | France 5 | Les Routes de l'Impossible

Nicaragua is a typical Central American country, endowed with a romanticism and political history worthy of “Tintin and the Picaros”. A country with a devastated economy and hazardous infrastructures. It has a great number of tracks and the rainy season turns them in mud holes.

Mining is the main industry, in particular, the extraction of raw gold. To transport the dynamite required for that extraction, Hilario¾with a tight police escort¾has to face the bumps of the road that threaten at any moment to explode the precious detonators. The wages of fear are added to the risk of robbery by the armed groups that lurk in the undergrowth along the way.

But in the center of the country, two evangelical priests, Juan and Alejandro, are preparing to undertake an equally complicated journey. Through the mud, on motorbikes, they will take the word of God to the most isolated communities. Unfortunately for them, the ways of the Lord are very often impenetrable…

On the islands of the Caribbean, with the Miskitos fishermen, or on board the old bus driven by “The Bull”, as his friends call him, the “chispa”, that legendary spark, shining in the eyes of those who outdo themselves to survive, is well and truly there, as long as it doesn’t set fire to the Dynamite convoy, which with one simple jolt as it passes can blow an entire village off the map.