• 52'
  • Authors : Alexandre Spalaïkovitch, Guillaume Lhotellier
  • 23-12-2018
  • Master : 2816

GUATEMALA: LAND OF THE MAYA | France 5 | Les Routes de l'Impossible

In Guatemala, whatever the problem is, drivers and passengers solve it with a highly Latino attitude to life! No seats on the bus, just jump on a fender or climb onto the roof rack, at your own risk, and the old American buses are not the most reliable. Whenever one of the three active volcanos spews its wrath onto the surrounding villages, once again the Guatemalans have the answer… an offering to Maximo… Slip him a cigarette and shot of alcohol and the saint that is venerated throughout the country will make your wishes come true. All across the trails and cities of their ancestors, the descendants of the Mayas celebrate certain of their victories over the Conquistadores in the craziest manner. 24 hours of non-stop dancing and alcohol ending in a horse race that is unique in the world. To overcome these mountain tracks swept by floods and landslides the Guatemalans have a secret: never lose your cool.