Iran - USA: bush's last crusade
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  • Author : Florent Chevolleau
  • 12-05-2008
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Iran – USA: bush’s last crusade | Jeudi Investigation | Canal+

For months tension has been at a peak between Washington and Teheran. Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is the new target to be shot down by the Bush administration. The reasons given: the Iranian regime’s support for terrorist organisations, like Hezbollah, Hamas and even Al-Qaida, and the development of its weapons of mass destruction, in particular its nuclear program. It all seems similar to the arguments put forward by the same people to justify the invasion of Iraq in 2003. And their propaganda methods are the same. Insiders”, former high officials from the American administration, break their silence for the first time. According to them, the propaganda war against Teheran is being created at the very heart of power¾in the White House. They denounce the key role played by Vice-President Dick Cheney in this go-to-war policy. They openly talk to the camera, telling how President Bush’s hawks manipulated the military, the intelligence agencies and American opinion in order to invade Iraq. Today, they speak to prevent history repeating itself in Iran.”