Hooked on salt
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  • Author : Tam Melacca
  • 14-06-2015
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Hooked on salt | Doc du dimanche | France 5

Sea salt to season a roast, coarse salt to add zest to pasta water… salt is an integral feature of the dietary landscape. In the land of gastronomy, it’s quite unthinkable to cook without adding one’s grain of salt, an agent that provides taste, but that is also an indispensable element for the proper working of one’s organism¾it actually enables you to retain water. The only problem is that the French consume far more than the daily dose recommended by the WHO, with consequent effects on public health. Despite the alarming statistics, the vast majority of French people are unable to estimate, and thus to reduce, their daily consumption of salt. Bread, ham, commercial pastries… salt is found everywhere. Why? And how can we reduce our consumption?