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  • Authors : Wendy Zbinden, Cédric Fouré
  • 04-02-2018
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At the southern tip of the continent of Africa, South Africa is known to tourists for its grandiose landscapes, its magnificent beaches and its animal reserves. But behind the postcard image, the country has a much darker side. The history of this country of 55 million has experienced violent upheavals, sadly famous for its racist regime: apartheid. In 1994, Nelson Mandela’s accession to power gave birth to the great hope of reconciliation through the rainbow nation. For the black and mixed race population, or 95% of the people, it was the promise of a better future…


Even if economic power is still largely in the hands of the white elites, for some years a policy of positive discrimination has been implemented, allowing the emergence of a black middle and upper class. However, this policy has had a quite disastrous effect on the poorly educated part of the white population. Around 80 shantytowns, exclusively white, have sprung from the ground.


25 years later, the model appears to be collapsing. More than half of the population lives below the poverty line. The party in power, the ANC, the one that took Mandela to power, is gnawed by corruption. And President Jacob Zuma is facing 783 charges (corruption, rape, bribery, etc.). Social injustices persist. The whites are still at the head of the great fortunes. All this leaves little hope of emancipation for the black majority.


Wendy Zbinden and Cédric Fouré (Tony Comiti Productions) went to meet the racist political parties that incite hatred between the communities. We shall meet Julius Malema, the most popular politician in the country. In 4 years, he has aroused the crowds and has become the countries third force. His party, the EFF, the Economic Freedom Fighters, urge retaking the lands of the whites by force.


All over the country, even in the rural areas, one can see a resurgence of racial tension between the black and white communities. Among the first victims are the large landowners. In 2017, 72 white farmers were murdered, often in brutal fashion. Nicci Simpson agreed to revisit with us the brutal assault that she suffered several months ago. Violently attacked in her home, she was tortured for hours and then left for dead by her aggressors. Hatred between communities, racial violence, is the rainbow nation under threat ?