• 15'
  • Author : Sylviane Schmitt
  • 26-03-2002
  • Master : 1225

Children in Prison | M6 | Emission spéciale

It’s a hotel–but free….!” Immersion in a prison universe. The conditions of detention are certainly better in Villepinte, north of Paris, than in other centers but these adolescents remain confronted by the reality of prison: locked up and deprived of liberty. Sexual violence, drug trafficking, crimes and theft with violence are why these thirty or so adolescents, ages 13 to 18, are incarcerated in the Villepinte jail. They live in individual cells. Life for the minors, those 16 and under, revolves around one obligatory activity–school. In addition, they have gym classes and sports: body-building, soccer, roller skating, as well as games on the play-station. But in this wing, the minors work on the principle of rewards for good behavior: the more a young person behaves correctly, the better will be his conditions of imprisonment and the more activities he will have access to…”