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  • Author : Nina Montané
  • 22-08-2018
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In recent years, the Bois de Boulogne has undergone a revolution. With its 850 hectares, it is twice the size of New York’s Central Park! Lying to the west of the capital, the Bois is fringed by the most select communes in the Paris region. Although for a long time it suffered from a bad reputation, due to the existence of prostitution, today the Bois de Boulogne is regaining all its prestige. With the first rays of sunshine, millions of Parisians invade this vast playground. The most privileged meet in highly-select sports clubs like the Racing or the Polo. For a discrete meal, they frequent the gastronomic restaurant, the Pré Catelan. To retain its three stars, chef Frédéric Anton needs to innovate constantly. His challenge: to transform popular dishes into exceptional delights. All around this Bois de Boulogne in full renewal, property prices are rocketing, to as much as 20,000 Euros per square meter! The biggest fortunes are grabbing the best views. Sandrine, Olivier and their family launched into luxury properties 10 years ago. She was then a simple primary-school teacher, he was an executive with a telecoms company and their three sons joined in the adventure. An incredible family success story! In order to beat their sales record, this summer they are organizing extravagant parties that mix business with pleasure. Even the most colorful of characters have placed themselves at the service of this wealthy clientele. In the Bois, increasing numbers of dog walkers offer to look after their four-legged friends and wage a merciless war with each other. Others dream of bringing the whole of France to the heart of the Bois de Boulogne. After the construction of the Louis Vuitton, Contemporary Art Foundation, luxury group, LVMH, is buckling down to a colossal construction project. Its ambition: to create one of the biggest French theme parks, capable of rivalling Disneyland or the Asterix park, by attracting 3 million visitors annually. Faced with such a heavyweight, the Fête à Neuneu, the Bois’ historic fair, is under greater threat than ever. But the carnies don’t intend to take it lying down. Chic and popular, we will bring you the incredible summer of the most famous of Paris’s bois !