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  • Author : Valentine Bossi-Bay
  • 06-11-2021
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Ever since the health crisis broke, the French have radically changed their behaviour. More than one out of two say that they want to consume less, but better. Whether out of necessity or green conviction, some have staked everything on second hand or renting. A family looking for a new start, an aspiring company boss or retiree: over several months from one end of France to the other, we followed the men and women who are determined to consume in a different way. In Toulouse, 77-year-old Philippe really doesn’t fit the description of a retiree. With his sports pursuits and having made 130 trips, this former English teacher has itchy feet. Never satisfied, Philippe’s dream is to retrace the Silk Road through Uzbekistan. Budget: 2,600 euros. A  sum that he has not yet gathered. To get it, this dynamic retiree plans to put everything he possible can up for rent: room, pool, garden, car and even tools without actually considering the constraints that go with it… “Throwing in full board is an option that costs an extra 5 euros per person… but it requires some work!” Will he top up the reserves this summer and make enough money to take the trip of his dreams? Near Lyon, Roxanne, has given herself 4 months to entirely fix up an old 10002-foot house so she can live there with her children. But with a tiny budget of 8,000 euros, this thirty-year-old will have to show some ingenuity. “I got a bargain on a new shower tray for 20 euros instead of 150 and a bathtub for 10. That was great for fitting out the bathroom!” Hunting for furniture bargains, mutual support, all sorts of recycling, this queen of make-do will stop at nothing to achieve her aim. So, will she rise to the challenge? Agathe, 30, is an expert on the second-hand: so much so that she decided to make it a career by launching an Internet site for second-hand clothing a few months ago. But for the moment she isn’t able to live off it. In order to build a reputation, this young lady wants to take part in a mega sale of vintage clothing with an ambitious aim: get rid of at least 200 items in the hope of making the minimum wage. “You can live by being green, by giving a second life to things that are marvellous but that have been destined for the bin.”  She’s only got a few months to find her stock, without going over her budget of 400 euros. To get over the line, Agathe will scour the capital and the provinces in search of those low-priced gems. So, will she make it and will she finally be able to make a living from her business? In the Paris area, Estafania, 44, has just started her furniture, fittings and electric appliance rental enterprise, convinced that this more responsible form of consumption is a business of the future. “The idea is to rent furniture to people who need it for a certain time and then rent it to somebody else later on. Even if there’s some slight damage, we’ll point it out and the price will be lower.”  It’s a make-or-break time for this Franco-Spanish business woman, who has to get her name around. We follow her as, armed with her indomitable patter, she does the rounds: meeting clients, deliveries, installation, emergency hunt for furniture. Will Estafania be able to manage it all and satisfy her clients? Enjoy a pleasant surprise from this mix of the unexpected and the make-do provided by these new-style consumers!

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