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  • Author : Aline Hoorpah
  • 15-04-2018
  • Master : XXXX


They are under 35 and already at the head of vast fortunes: tens, or even hundreds of millions of Euros. Whether heirs to wealthy dynasties or serial entrepreneurs, these ultra-rich young people are on the increase and are members of the 1% of the richest on the planet. A tight circle of the privileged, who flash their sumptuous life styles across social media, reality television and magazine headlines. A new gilded youth, comfortable with its wealth and not afraid to shove it in your face.

Jean-Marie de Saint Ange, 32, is the descendent of a line of French nobility. He became a millionaire when he created his brand of clothing and uniforms. He dresses thousands of workers: luxury hotels, airlines and yacht crews. A fledgling patron, Jean-Marie is convinced he has hit a new streak of gold: he has just invested more than one million Euros in a revolutionary method to stop smoking!

At the tender age of 25, Emir Baha’i is the heir to a gigantic Turkish property empire: his fortune is estimated at close to 400 million euros! He could have chosen never to work, but, driven by an oversized ego and ambition, he created his own realtor’s agency in New York, specializing in high-end estate¾some with views over Central Park that top 80 million euros. To conquer America, this jet setter is gambling on his vast social network: the weddings of his ultra wealthy friends in Istanbul or a private view at a gallery in New York, every occasion is a chance to do business.

Cathy Lugner, 27, is a totally new millionaire. The child of a middle-class German family, she had only one dream: a life of luxury and glitter. Three years ago her life changed drastically when she met Richard Lugner, an Austrian property magnate. He was 81, but he was worth 160 million euros. So, despite the 54-year age gap, they were married in splendor just eight months later. Their union ends in an explosive divorce. Cathy’s objective now: to continue her life of luxury, by any means she can !