Wombs for hire
  • 52'
  • Author : Jennifer Deschamps
  • 27-11-2006
  • Master : 1496

Wombs for hire | Lundi investigation | Canal+

5,000 euros to hire a womb in India, the equivalent of 10 years’ salary. 3,000 euros to buy a kidney in the Philippines, the price of a house for a poor family. These are the sorts of adverts that have boosted medical tourism. The customers are Western patients for whom the practice is unobtainable because it is either illegal or too expensive. In America, for instance, a surrogate mother costs three times more than in Asia. Who are the tour operators reigning over this trade? Even more spectacular… with a click on the Internet a couple unable to have children are able to buy eggs or sperm. On one side are the poor ready to sell their bodies for spare parts in order to survive, on the other, patients ready to spend a fortune to buy themselves better health.