Who killed Natacha?
  • 64'
  • Author : Mylène Sauloy
  • 14-06-2011
  • Master : 1880

Who killed Natacha? | France 2 | La Grande Traque

Grozny, Hippodrome district, July 15 2009… a woman is abducted in front of her home. A few hours later her dead body is discovered at the side of a road a few dozen miles away. Her name is Natacha Estemirova. A journalist and human rights defender with the Memorial association, she had succeeded her Russian journalist friend, Ana Politkovskaya, murdered three years before… They were both shot to death. And both had long been receiving threats… from the Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov, whom Putin had put in place as head of the country. Who killed Natacha ? .. an investigation in Chechnya, Russia and England on the system set up by Putin to stifle any dissident voices and which has already cost the lives of 25 reporters and many of the opposition. The same system that covers Kadyrov, accused of multiple crimes. An investigation also on the foretold death of Natacha Estemirova that reveals the courage and multiple lives of an exceptional woman