• 14'
  • Authors : Marc di Rosa, Delphine Welter
  • 04-03-2018
  • Master : 2736


Since 1988, sexual assaults and rapes have been taking place in a 30-kilometer area between France and Belgium. Investigators are convinced that they are dealing with one and the same man. His MO is always the same. In the early hours, he tracks down isolated women and takes them by surprise. He threatens them with a knife and then ties them up with a cord. To avoid recognition, he hides his face. The man the press calls the “Sambre rapist” is a methodical, untraceable aggressor. He has never been identified, until this February 5 2018 when a small detail turns this unsolved case upside down. In the small town of Erquelinnes on the Franco-Belgian border, a teenage girl is assaulted with the same MO as that of the “Sambre rapist”. However, on this occasion a CCTV camera films the license plate of the suspect’s car… which leads to its owner. His name is Dino Scala. To all appearances he is a good family man and father, married for 25 years and a model employee. How did Dino Scala manage to fool all those around him for nearly 30 years ?