Violent winds
  • 52'
  • Authors : Frédéric ELHORGA, Gaëlle PIALOT
  • 16-04-2016
  • Master : 2557

Violent winds, raging seas, floods: when storms ravage France | 90' Enquêtes | TMC

We’ve had storm Xynthia, floods in the South-East and then Paris. Will Paris flood if the Seine rises? From Faute-sur-Mer in the Vendée to Mandelieu and Antibes on the Côte d’Azur, we revisit the places where these tragedies struck. For some, who lost everything in the disaster, it’s hard to get back on one’s feet, even five years later. And could these tragedies have been avoided? That is the question being asked by victims’ associations and also by geographers. Could we avoid those yet to come? The State is trying to set up ever-tighter prevention schemes for the communes most exposed to risk. But how do you reconcile the safety of residents with the interests of the commune and its development?