• 53'
  • Author : Laure-Anne Berrou
  • 11-11-2013
  • Master : 2290

Trafficking, violence, escapes: who makes the law in prison? | M6 | Enquête Exclusive

It was the most spectacular escape in recent years: on April 13 2013, Redoine Faïd went on the run when he escaped from the Sequedin jail near Lille, taking four warders hostage. For the first time, those warders tell their story: they recount the longest twenty minutes of their lives. Warders on the verge of a nervous breakdown… Overpopulated prisons, aggression, trafficking of every kind: French penitentiaries have become an open gateway. Every day, dozens of parcels land in the yards or pass through the visiting rooms, parcels containing drugs, cell phones or quite simply food. In the face of this parallel economy and the violence, the warders are overwhelmed. Spitting, abuse, threats and humiliation: we followed the grueling everyday lives of the teams who try to maintain order inside prisons.