The Price of a Smile
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  • Author : Frédérique Mergey
  • 04-03-2012
  • Master : 2066

The Price of a Smile | Doc du dimanche | France 5

More than a sign of good health, a smile has now become a symbol of success and seduction, a trump card in finding or keeping a job. Patients don’t only go to the dentist because of toothache, but because they want beautiful teeth. And yet nearly 20% of the French say they have given up dental care because they don’t have the means. Some patients find alternatives in neighbouring countries: in Eastern Europe, Spain or Morocco. In Hungary, dozens of clinics offer new teeth at a price that defies all competition. How does this dental tourism work? How good is the treatment? Apart from basic treatment, new players are trying to corner the teeth-whitening market, such as those who run “smile bars”. The number of these establishments where the procedure takes no longer than a hairdo or a manicure has exploded in the major cities. This fresh competition is angering dentists, who warn of its dangers. Wrongly or rightly?