The irresistible rise of a party of the extreme right
  • 49'
  • Author : Frédéric Boisset
  • 09-10-2006
  • Master : 1481

The irresistible rise of a party of the extreme right | Lundi investigation | Canal+

On October 8th the Belgians elect their local councils. This election should yet again signal the rise of the Vlamms Belang, an extreme right-wing Flemish party that, over 20 years, has become the biggest party in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium where they don’t speak French, but Dutch. Condemned for racism, kept out of power by a coalition of all other Belgian parties, attacked or boycotted by the media, confronted with the highly menacing past of its leaders, implicated in various bloody racist incidents, the Vlaams Belang has nevertheless become the most successful extreme right-wing in Europe. An investigation into a party that has succeeded in moving from provocation to communication and now attracts a quarter of the Flemish, despite, or because of, a program that openly advocates the expulsion of immigrants and the fragmentation of Belgium.