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  • Author : Frédérique Mergey
  • 28-02-2017
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The end of animal abuse | France 5 | Le Monde en face

French people swallow an average of 86 kilos of meat per year. That represents more than a billion animals slaughtered: 3 million per day!How can we be sure our steak does not come from an animal that suffered? We often know nothing about the conditions in which animals are raised and slaughtered. There are the animals we see in the fields, the ones we see from the train and then there’s the meat… And between the two, there’s a huge void, a blind spot. This void was filled in the most brutal way by the guerilla investigations of animal rights activists, such as L214. With their hidden cameras, they revealed the suffering undergone by animals in certain farms. But their greatest coup was the images from slaughterhouses that shocked the whole of France. For the general public is was a harsh awakening!Beyond the shock, those images prompted us to think: What are we prepared to accept to satisfy our appetite for meat?Science now recognizes that animals are sensitive creatures. They are protected by law and millions of euros are invested to improve their welfare.With what results? How are we really taking into account the suffering of farm animals today?Despite the attacks they are subjected to, slaughterhouses, transporters and farmers were brave enough to broach these questions with us.The animal production chain is now promising the end of animal suffering. Happy meat. Really?