• 54'
  • Author : Sylvain Louineau
  • 24-01-2018
  • Master : 2720


The 1997 case. A woman presents herself to the gendarmerie in Magny-les-Hameaux, in the Yvelines. Madame Yannick Pico, 40, has come to report her husband is missing. This mother of a family is stunned: apparently the breakdown mechanic suddenly quit the marital home leaving their three children behind him. At once the gendarmes start to look for the runaway husband. What happened to Philippe Pico? Did the husband start a new life abroad? Did he go back to Brittany, his native region, as his wife believes? All trails are followed … In vain. The family man cannot be found. After a year of investigation, his disappearance is forgotten. Yannick Pico asks for a divorce and begins a new life with a handsome, brilliant firefighter 10 years her junior, one Fabrice Motch. The case could have remained there, if not for an incredible twist because, ten years later, Captain Motch will find himself embroiled in the most sordid of cases. On September 15 2007, a young firefighter calls the Trappe police. Shut in the toilets of his firehouse, the young man claims that his captain, the aforementioned Fabrice Motch, had drugged him and attempted to rape him. The officer, now aged 44, is immediately taken into custody. The police discover that the captain, although admired and respected by all, is said to have similarly assaulted seven young volunteer firefighters. But that is not all: the sexual predator may also be a murderer! When questioned, Valérie, Fabrice Motch’s own sister, will make some incredible revelations: in 1996, before the disappearance of Philippe Pico, Yannick, his wife and Fabrice Motch were already in a relationship. And that’s not all: it was they who, by common accord, got rid of him! According to Valérie, the two lovers drugged Philippe Pico in the marital home before murdering him with a stab to the heart and then getting rid of his corpse.


For investigators, it comes as a shock!

The already extraordinary case is turning into a fiendish mystery novel…