Sushi: recipes for success
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  • Author : Baya Bellanger
  • 27-04-2014
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Sushi: recipes for success | Doc du dimanche | France 5

Sushi used to be a choice dish, enjoyed only by connoisseurs. However, over the last ten years, consumption has become classless and sushi is now a new fast food, eaten as a quick snack during the lunch break, delivered to the door like a pizza or bought in a package at the supermarket. With its 1600 restaurants, of which two thirds are in the Paris area, France is the most sushivore” country in Europe and, as demand requires, French sushi has entered the industrial age. An ambition going far beyond that of the Japanese masters. Baya Bellanger has investigated sushi “Made in France”. Is it still worthy of the name? How can the professionals manage to offer ever more competitive prices? Is it as healthy and nutritious as claimed and, most important, without any risk for health and the environment?”