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  • Author : Lionel Baillon
  • 22-05-2016
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Seaweed, delights from the sea | Doc du dimanche | France 5

Agar-agar, wakame, nori, sea lettuce, kombu and spirulina are all exotic names now found on the menus of a number of restaurants. Surfing on the popular wave of Japanese cuisine, seaweed, rich in protein and reputed for its health-giving properties, is enjoying a real success. Régine Queva, a former teacher, organizes discovery trips to Brittany. In Finisterre we take a guided tour of one of the leaders in edible seaweed production. In Japan we travel with Olivier Derenne, a taste hunter. Xavier Lemetayer is working on a revolutionary technological process: replace plastic with a biodegradable material made from seaweed. A highly promising green innovation.