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  • Author : Alicia Castanheira
  • 26-04-2017
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Salesmen Kings and budding geniuses 10 days of madness at the paris fair | Divers | TMC

On the eve of the opening of the 2017 Paris Fair, TMC is offering an original, behind-the-scenes documentary on this unmissable annual event. The Foire de Paris is the fair of Fairs. And it’s been going on for 112 years! This fair is an immense war machine, spread over 200,000m2, equal to 90 supermarkets! From DIY to interior design, by way of gastronomy, furniture or every imaginable type of gadget, you find it all here: even a real house built especially for the occasion! The Paris Fair attracts 50,000 visitors each day, of whom 90% succumb to temptation and make a purchase: the average visitor budget: EUR450. It’s one vast sales playground, where some redoubtable kings among salesmen face off; they’re the finest demonstrators in the land. Demonstrators who turn the Paris Fair into a veritable show. Among them is Romain, the king of the secateurs”. This year, he’s set himself a challenge: set up his stall in a quiet hall, far from the other peddlers… a risky bet. But the Paris Fair is also the most famous inventors’ competition in France: the ever-present Lépine competition. Ever since 1904, the Lépine has been revealing the innovations of tomorrow. Among the contestants is Xavier. He has invested his entire savings to present his invention… a somewhat astonishing one. But he’s is hoping that this competition will change his life…You will also follow Grégory. He has set up his pizza truck on the Fair’s parking lot. His aim is a Gargantuan one: sell 500 pizzas per day with only himself to man the oven!Over 10 days, side by side with the exhibitors, the TMC teams bring us the exciting and unpredictable life on the inside of this gigantic fair, the biggest in Europe!”