Paris attacks : the faces of terror
  • 94'
  • Author : Stéphane Bentura
  • 04-01-2016
  • Master : 2520

Paris attacks : the faces of terror | France 3 | Documentaires

They are French. Born and raised here. What did they have in mind Coulibaly, Kouachi, and now those of the attacks of November 13, including a former bus driver RATP back from Syria to kill at the Bataclan? Son of immigrants? Certainly. But then why do millions of “second and third generations” denounce their actions, horrified by the massacres? What role does religion play and what quind of religion? Which propaganda and mental mechanism convinced that generation of killers to be the vigilantes of a victimized Muslim world? People are not born as terrorists, they become one and for that, you need a mental fertile soil. These are the questions that the director Stéphane Bentura tries to answer in his 90′ documentary of on the breaking points, existential problems and identity fractures that have marked the lives of Amedy Coulibaly and Kouachi brothers. Their story recounts the journey that led them to November 13th. By going out to meet people, relatives, teachers and friends who knew them, finding archival materials, the the route of the French society renegades is drawn. Men who want recognition and a glorious existence. French, Amedy Coulibaly and the  Kouachi brothers were initially rejected the values of the nation that saw them grow, to reborn as extremists of al Qaeda and the Islamic State, like all the others. What did they have in mind on the day of their death? The hostages rescued in extremis had time to notice the frozen soul of the executioners.