• 52'
  • Authors : Julien Boluen, Nicolas Cotto
  • 30-12-2018
  • Master : 2817

LESOTHO : THE KINGDOM OF SNOWS | France 5 | Les Routes de l'Impossible

Lesotho is a tiny land-locked kingdom within the gigantic territory of South Africa. Among the poorest in the world, this high-altitude country has landscapes that take the breath away, but, most importantly, it possesses something rare and precious in Africa: water. During the long months of winter, the country is covered in snow and amidst the bare hills there is even a ski slope, much appreciated by South Africans. Along the dirt roads and deserted highways through the mountains, Alice and Fébellina struggle to find customers for their old taxi. New acquaintances, mechanical problems, but also fear and hoots of laughter are features of the two friends’ travels. The law has no place deep in these remote mountains. Cattle thieves and other criminals sow terror in the isolated villages. The police don’t dare go there: there’s no road. The only alternative to crime: the mounted militia. Fierce-looking riders who tirelessly pursue outlaws from one valley to another. They call them “The Lion’s Wrath”. In the no-man’s land that separates South Africa from Lesotho, vehicles must deal with a twisting road strewn with pitfalls and cross the Sani Pass, of sinister repute, through the gusting wind. There are very few service stations in the country’s interior, gas is rare. Bold drivers challenge the precipices to supply the remote villages.