• Authors : Guillaume Lhotellier, Sébastian Perez
  • 21-07-2017
  • Master : 2651

Mozambique : Life stronger than everything | France 5 | Les Routes de l'Impossible

For Bassunga and his men, the timber trail is strewn with pitfalls. Every day he sets out with his friends aboard his ancient truck to attack the forest. Without any protection, bare hands and feet, they fell around twenty trees in a few minutes in return for a miserable pittance. It’s an activity that is totally illegal in Mozambique, but it provides a bonanza for the traffickers who then send the timber to China, where demand is enormous.

For ordinary travelers, Mozambique’s roads quickly become a nightmare. Johnny waits in despair at his minibus for a customer.

The night’s downpour provides little incentive to set out, but he has no choice: the truck has to be filled or the day will be lost for Johnny.

Between the unbridgeable ruts and the traps set by locals, the 100 kilometers of track will seem like an epic adventure.