Lobbies at the heart of the republic
  • 48'
  • Author : Nicolas Bourgouin
  • 11-12-2006
  • Master : 1482

Lobbies at the heart of the republic | Lundi investigation | Canal+

Private firms that offer their services to major industrial groups to promote their interests among politicians.Highly organized pressure groups that manage to change laws or get amendments passed.We take you into the highly secretive world of the lobby. How do they operate? How are they organized? What are their real powers of influence?In France, this profession is not recognized. And yet you meet them in the corridors of the Assemblée Nationale, you find them in the offices of elected representatives and you even come across them at the highest levels of state.From the simple information report submitted to a politician, to the writing of legislation, to the boundaries of corruption: an investigation into the unseen power of pressure groups.