Journal of an anorexia sufferer
  • 52'
  • Author : Céline Hue
  • 08-12-2002
  • Master : 1245

Journal of an anorexia sufferer | M6 | Zone Interdite

Chloé is 20. She’s a brilliant law student and you would think she has everything she needs for success. But she weighs only 35 kilos (77 pounds) for her 1,7 meter height (5.5 inches). She can go for entire days without taking the slightest mouthful. Her hell—it’s called anorexia. “This illness, it’s a beast which entered inside me three years ago and which I just can’t get rid of!” Anorexia is one of the most serious mental illnesses of adolescence and can be fatal. Chloé has decided to try to rid herself of it by talking about it in front of the camera. And so our journalist followed her for weeks, in her daily life, during her crises, her small victories and moments of suffering… But Chloé also has a problem of bulimia. When she eats, she stuffs herself with an enormous amount of food. But this stuffing becomes a nightmare: after these crises, she makes herself vomit. Exhausting her body, losing her courage in this permanent struggle: Chloé is completely overcome by anorexia. She doesn’t know how it came about, why it happened to her, but she wants to witness, to show her illness. Without taboos but without voyeurism. So that her suffering will serve as an example to other young people.