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  • Author : Valentine Amado
  • 11-01-2018
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FRONT LINE VETS. SO2- EP1 | Véto de choc | W9

From the North to the South of France we have followed the eventful daily lives of the men and women who rush to the aid of animals. To help a cat give birth to her kittens or tend to a baby seal that became a tasty snack for gulls. Missions that are as surprising as they are unpredictable for our extraordinary heroes. In Arcueil, the vets from the Frégis center are acknowledged for their expertise and their bravery. Minh runs the New Pets service (NACS) there. With him, you’ll witness some very delicate surgery… on a gold fish! In the Mercantour, Véronique is a country vet unlike any other. She is one of the rare specialists: on wolves! Wild predators with unforeseeable reactions… In Normandy, Thierry, a carer with the Chène association, is the last resort for injured wild animals. And when they come into contact with the human world, it’s rarely a smooth encounter. In Belgium, Elisabeth is at the head of a very special unit. With warrant in hand, she hunts down owners guilty of cruelty. She regularly uncovers places beyond imagination. For three months, we accompanied these heroes who save our animals.