Cold case in Nice; the suicide was cover for a murder
  • 12'40
  • Author : Clémentine Bisiaux
  • 22-03-2015
  • Master : 2440

Cold case in Nice; the suicide was cover for a murder | M6 | 66 minutes

Deep in the heart of the Côte d’Azur hinterland a fantastical story is unfolding: a cold case” whose mystery is finally being revealed three years after the events. Drost Notthof, a German lawyer is found in September 2011 hanging in the garden of his luxurious property in Eze. A letter sent to the authorities provides evidence for the thesis of suicide. The case arouse no suspicion. However, one element of that same letter caused local investigators to sit up: the forty-year-old, who hit the headlines over in Monaco, stated that he was leaving his entire fortune to Grit Topfer… his ex-girlfriend. After two and a half years of investigation, handwriting analysis turns the case upside down, because it leads to the conclusion that the letter was a fake. When they question the ex-girlfriend and her partner, Georges Pierreu, an artist/painter, who already has a reputation in criminal circles, the gendarmes are skeptical at such  exuberance and evident display of the lure of wealth. The doggedness of the investigators finally pays off.  At dawn on January 22 last, the two accomplices, who dressed up the murder as a suicide, are picked up in their dressing gowns. Soon after, they confess.”