• 51'
  • Authors : Charles Comiti, Daniel Lainé, Julien Boluen
  • 10-08-2018
  • Master : 2732

BURMA : TRUNK THE FEAR | France 5 | Les Routes de l'Impossible

For more than half a century, the country lived withdrawn upon itself, cut off from the outside world by a succession of some of the harshest dictators on the planet. The Burmese consider their country to be a beautiful young girl who is asleep. Today she is opening her eyes, but the awakening is a rude one. The country lacks everything and its infrastructures have been left to decay over many years. But the Burmese keep smiling. In the North West, the most mountainous region of the country, moving around is an adventure. The mountains rise to 10,000 feet and some roads climb to over 6,500 feet. Khampi, with his truck that is twice his age, struggles. Despite all, he takes on the roads, or rather the tracks, with courage and coolness. Khampi never loses his temper, he keeps smiling whatever the circumstances even when he almost tips over. The word “fear” seems to have vanished from his vocabulary. The state of the roads is a serious handicap for the people, but it has allowed the country to preserve its beauty, its authenticity and its traditions.Young Sokna is carrying on an ancient ritual: the kiss of death. Legend has it that by kissing the head of a Royal Cobra three times, the village women will quickly fall pregnant. In Naypeedaw, the megalomaniac capital built by the military junta, the highways hold a sad record: that of the least frequented on the planet. The country also holds another record: that of the most terrifying train in Asia. It crosses a viaduct more than 300’ high. With any safety measures. Bare inches separate the passengers from the void. A journey into the heart of Burma, far from the tourist tracks.