All heroes : firemen at the heart of emergencies
  • 24'
  • Authors : Olivier Guignard, Patrice Lucchini
  • 29-06-2004
  • Master : 1349

All heroes : firemen at the heart of emergencies | France 3 | Tous des héros !

A person in despair who throws himself into the river in a suicide attempt. Will Guillaume and a team of firemen from the Villeurbanne-Cusset firehouse be able to save him? Guillaume is in a long line of firemen of several generations of fathers to sons. A professional fireman during the week, he is also a volunteer fireman on the weekends in his village. A full-time passion which his spouse sometimes finds difficult to accept: a young father of a family who isn?t heard from for two days. Hervé, the firehouse veteran, goes off with a team of firemen. They are going to enter into the apartment of the young man?.